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Working Relationships

There are all kinds of ideas about what a working relationship should be. It may be considered "personal" but fact remains that it does influence quality, speed and satisfaction.

It is my opinion that a good working relationship is based on:

  • Courtesy
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Alignment of purposes
  • Fun

I don't believe in "the client is king...and the provider a dog" type of relationship. That's mostly fake, because in truth, the provider does consider his own well being more important then his client's - if he did not, he wouldn't charge you, would he?

For me, a good working relationship is a friendly one. Things are much easier that way. You still can call me up at 4:00 am if you have a problem with a text. I can get in touch for whatever missing information or stuff that are not clear. The translators I work with are comfortable with "bugging" me with their translation problems, because I know that no translator is perfect, and that even a perfect translator would have questions anyway.

As a translation buyer, you can expect me to:

  • Return your calls and emails ASAP
  • Tell you honestly whether I can do a translation or not
  • Ask the questions I need to ask to deliver a good translation
  • Provide adequate translations on time
  • Deliver it in a ready-to-use format
  • Answer promptly any question or query you may have

In turn, I ask you to:

  • Pay for your translations on time
  • Provide all available information
  • Answer queries as fast as possible
  • Acknowledge reception of my communications, files and queries.

That's how I see it. You are most welcome to comment upon it. Just send me an email to share your views on the matter.