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(Customize it - continued)

Keyboard Shortcuts

Important Warning: If you use third party macros (such as Wordfast, Trados...), you need to be aware that they ALREADY use several keyboard shortcuts. Using twice a keyboard shortcut can wreck havoc whenever you try to use the third party macro. Activate the third party macros before you start, so that word will inform you if the shortcut is already taken.

Customize shortcuts only for the stuff you do use all the time. If you temporarily need to run a function or a macro repetitively, assign a shortcut and don’t forget to remove it when you are finished. Shortcuts are great, but too much is just that. Too much.

Go to Tools/Customize-Commands. At the bottom of the dialog, there is a button named “Keyboard”. Press it and a new dialog will appear as below:

Select the command for which you want to assign a shortcut.

If a shortcut already exists, it will display in the "current keys" text box. Select the text box “press new shortcut key”, and press the shortcut you want (i.e.: Alt+w).

If the shortcut is used, it will say so just below. If you want to use it nevertheless, or if it is free, click on Assign.

Do the same for all additional shortcuts, or to change existing shortcuts. When you are done, close the dialog. That’s it, your shortcuts are operational.

General options

Those options govern the way Word operates. Go to Tools/Options

I will not go through all of the options one by one, but I suggest you do. ;)

The View tab is very interesting for us. It will allow you to control what will be displayed, including the field codes (if you ever wonder why you see weird expressions instead of hyperlinks, that’s why).

In the Edit tab, you have a number of stuff including the cut and paste options.

Just take some time and read the options available. In many cases, when you are working and that something doesn’t work as you want it, changing the options can solve your problem. Read and try.

Enough for customization. Now, your workspace should look a whole lot better. :-)