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Translation tools

Translation software

Every trade has its tools. Here are a few tools developped specifically for translation providers. I hope you find them useful.

> PrepTags :: Video tutorials & Help :: description


Name Price Download Buy
PrepTags Lite Free Download N/A
PrepTags eBook € 15 Download Buy now
PrepTags Pro € 39 Download Buy now
* PrepTags Lite is functional but limited to one file at a time.
** PrepTags eBook is part of the TransBook package. There is a 20 files/time limit

>TagExtractor (description)


Name Price Download Buy
TagExtractor Free Download N/A
Previously part of TransBook and now replaced by PrepTags.

> Coming soon...

In the purest vaporware tradition, here are a couple software near release:

  • TransPic
  • Will allow you to translate the contents of a large number of pictures easily. It's pretty much functional but I am still working on the output formats.

  • TerminoBox
  • Designed to provide various terminology building features.

If you register, I will let you know when they are ready for download.

Miscellaneous tools


> RegExtract (description)

Name Price Download Buy
RegExtract Free Download N/A
RegExtract is a freeware. Requires .NET framework 3.5