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English to French translation services

  1. English to French translation
    Home, sweet home. ;-)
  2. Translation edge
    Why choose us to handle your translations? Learn the advantages of a freelance network.
  3. Translation price
    How much does translation cost?
  4. Translation quality
    What is that "quality" everyone is talking about?
  5. English - French translation quote calculator
    Provides you with a rough estimate of translation costs between English and French.
  6. Terms and Conditions (page 1)
  7. Terms and Conditions (page 2)
  8. Terms and Conditions (page 3)
  9. Customer testimonies
    Some customers and their testimonies
  10. Working relationships
    What is it like to work with me?
  11. Ordering translations...
    A time saving checklist of the information you should provide when ordering translation, like when you need it,...
  12. Contact
    Please use this form to contact me.
  13. Why Thailand?
    In case you wonder why I have chosen to live in Thailand.

English - French translations

  1. Common English to French translation
    Are you just looking for sample French phrases like "How are you?" or "My name is John"? That page is for you.

Tools for translators

  1. Word-based CATs
    Short review and basic data on several Computer Aided Translation tools integrated in Ms Word. ex: Wordfast, Trados, Metatexis.(Shareware only so far)
  2. Standalone CATs
    CATs too, but as running as independent applications. ex: SDLX, DV, Star Transit...(Shareware mostly, but one freeware)
  3. Document preparation and TM management
    Interesting tools to either prepare documents for translations, convert formats or manage Translation Memories. (Freeware mostly)
  4. Text and Hex editors
    A few neat editors that could come handy. (Freeware only)
  5. (X)HTML, PHP... editors
    If you deal with web design, you will probably like to have one of those available. (Freeware mostly)
  6. Search tools
    Windows's own file search system is less than great. Slow, takes up a lot of resources and is fairly limited in its search method. These tools can help you out if you need something better. (Freeware mostly)
  7. Graphic design
    A few graphic design tools everyone should have. (Freeware mostly)
  8. Internet tools
    Some good browsers and FTP clients, for now. (Freeware mostly)

Translation theory

  1. Translation concepts (page 1)
    Intro and some explanations on machine translation
  2. Translation concepts (page 2)
    A brief overview of CATs, the importance of a translator(s native language and the different types of translations.
  3. Translation concepts (page 3)
    Continued from page 2.
  4. Translation and research
    What is the role of research in translation work?
  5. Simplified English and controlled languages (page 1)
    What is Simplified English and what can it do for you?
  6. Simplified English and controlled languages (page 1)
  7. Simplified English and controlled languages (page 1)
    Beyond Simplified English, a few words on controlled languages.

Computer Aided Translation - CATs & Wordfast

  1. Understanding CATs
    Understand the different parts of the translator's quasi-feline companion...the CAT. What is a translation memory? What's segmentation? What can CATs do or can't do?
  2. Beware of the beast
    CATs are great tools, but like all tools, they also have limits and flaws.
  3. Why Wordfast and not Trados?
    According to Trados marketing experts, Trados is the "industry standard". Down to the nuts and bolts, why did I choose Wordfast?
  4. Installing Wordfast (page 1)
    How do you install and set-up Wordfast?
  5. Installing Wordfast (page 2)
    Continued from above. Don't worry, it's not complicated, just follow the procedure.
  6. Your first translation in Wordfast
    Starting translate in Wordfast...in less than 5 minutes
  7. Wordfast segmentation
    A more detailed explanation of segmentation. How to fix problems if you make a mistake,...
  8. Translation memories (page 1)
    How does it work, what does it look like, what is it made of...
  9. Translation memories (page 2)
    Continued from page 1
  10. Pandora box
    Should you open that? You bet! Pandora box contains most of the advanced settings of Wordfast. Here is how that works.
  11. How do you translate a Trados project with Wordfast
  12. Compatibility limits between Trados and Wordfast
    Compatibility is pretty good, but it isn't perfect. This article points out some of the issues.
  13. OmegaT, a review
    OmegaT is a free, open-source CAT. Works cross-platform. Neat tool.
  14. Online language translators
    A few words about these translation software. What they can do, and what they can't. They are not useless, but they have no place in professional translations.

Learn how to deal with HTML and XML

  1. HTML for translators (page 1)
    Going over basic HTML, starting with "What is HTML?" and the basic structure of an HTML document.
  2. HTML for translators (page 2)
    Moving up to speed, find out about meta tags, title tags, links and images.
  3. HTML for translators (page 3)
    What are styles and stylesheets? How does it work?
  4. HTML for translators (page 4)
    Now, onto the meat of the article. What are the correct methods to translate HTML and what are the wrong methods?
  5. HTML for translators (page 5)
    How do you prepare an HTML file for translation?
  6. HTML for translators (page 6)
    How do you tag a HTML file, how do you translate it, and how to you convert it back to HTML afterwards.
  7. How do you translate XML?
    Now that you know about HTML, how does it work with XML? What's XML anyway, and what are the rules you must comply to when translating XML?

Ms Word tips for translators

Some tips to make the best of Ms Word. They could save you hours of work and a lot of frustration.

  1. Getting up to speed
  2. Customize it! (page 1)
    Customize Word to save time. Create your own toolbar.
  3. Customize it! (page 2)
    Continued from page 1, learn how to change shortcut keys and how to change general options.
  4. Word Shortcuts (page 1)
    Basic shortcuts. Forget the mouse, that's too slooooow. Know your shortcuts.
  5. Word Shortcuts (page 2)
    More useful shortcuts. Learn how to print a list of all active shortcut keys in Word.
  6. Find & replace(page 1)
    Learn how to use the F&R function.
  7. Find & replace (page 2)
    Feel the power! F&R is one of the most powerful tools you can have to make major changes in Word.
  8. Word Tables
    Learn how to use Word tables, and convert simple text to table format.
  9. Record macros
    Tired of doing the same thing over and over again? Record a macro and do it just once. It really isn't as difficult as it seems
  10. Modify macros to do what you want
    Let's pop the hood and unleash the beast. You can create complete professional applications inside Word. You won't learn how to do that here, but still you can get a taste of the thing.
  11. Putting it all together (page 1)
    How can you use what you learned in previous pages to simplify your work as a translator? Learn how to convert a glossary found online for use in a CAT, review a Wordfast TM in a Word table and translate a document in two columns with source on one side and translation on the other
  12. Putting it all together (page 2)
    Align documents to create a translation memory.
  13. Word links
    Learn a lot more about Word. Links to basic and advanced tutorials.