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References, translation samples and showcase

It's a little difficult to showcase translations, as most people in need of it will not usually be able to judge the quality of it by themselves, quite to the contrary of most products you can find on the web.

Take Web design. You may not know the first thing about designing a web site, and yet you would be perfectly able to say wether or not you like a web site. You may not know how to program an accounting software, but you certainly can try it and tell if it does the job.

However, unless you speak the target language, you will not be able to judge a translation's quality. While most of the translations we handle are confidential, some of my customers have been kind enough to provide a quick testimonial:

Some clients...

Nissan, Sony, Asiana, Scriptware, Jet Airways, Mitcanada, E-piphany, Prolang, Burravoe Ltd, Intertek Inc., Chopsticks ltd, AbsoluteBUSY, Lingo 24, Centromed, Primary Source Microfilms, Polydioma, Globus, Nestlé, LogicData […]

And what they say:

Jet Airways : "Thanks a lot for everything! I am really glad we found your services on Google." (G. Venkat, e-Marketing manager)

Burravoe ltd : "I was impressed by your work. We will certainly work again together" (John Brown, PM -on financial statments)

Prolang ltd : "Thanks, it's great working with you...Thanks for your work. It was splendid" (Amelia Hyomi Lee, PM - Marketing & catch phrase dev)

Neotranslations: "I learned one thing on this project, and that is: I know who I will work with in the future" (Owner)

Bilingua Group: "Dear Sylvain,
I have good news and bad news:
The good news is that the XXX sample you have sent is fine.
The bad news is that you are the only one who can do this!" (Owner - Format handling)

If you need translation, contact me and I will do my best to assist you.