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As a freelance translator, and part-time PM, I can honestly say that nothing could have helped me better than this book. I am amazed to see how many things have become easy to do thanks to the practical drills. It is a must-have for all translation agencies and translators, regardless of the language. I saved a lot of time and no longer have to tell my customers "I am sorry, I do not know how to handle that". The price is merely symbolic because this book is really worth hundreds of dollars".
- Fernando
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e-Book Package:

  • Translation, from D to J - by Sylvain Galibert
  • Guide to Ms Word's advanced functions - by Yves Champollion
  • TagExtractor
  • Package comes with free updates for 1 year. (15 / licence)

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    As you will quickly realize, both e-Books are in Ms Word format and therefore easy to copy and/or print. I could easily have turned them into protected (no-print/no-copy) e-Books using one of the usual e-Book formats, but decided not to because, well, it's nice to be able to copy or print the interesting bits, or to be able do drills directly in Ms Word.

    However please bear in mind that writing 150 odd pages takes a fair bit of work (how much would you charge to translate it?) and while it's nice to share things with friends, most of them can afford to invest 15 to improve their productivity.


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