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As a freelance translator, and part-time PM, I can honestly say that nothing could have helped me better than this book. I am amazed to see how many things have become easy to do thanks to the practical drills. It is a must-have for all translation agencies and translators, regardless of the language. I saved a lot of time and no longer have to tell my customers "I am sorry, I do not know how to handle that". The price is merely symbolic because this book is really worth hundreds of dollars".
- Fernando
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Of course you do get a 30% commission on sales, but you also get an opportunity to help translators gain practical knowledge. There aren't many books or manuals written for translators, after all, and this one could prove interesting.

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For instance, if you earn 60 in January and 90 in February, you will receive 150 at the end of March, less bank charges.

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