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Terms and Conditions

Just like any other service or product, translations are subject to a number of terms and conditions. Those, often unwritten, regulate the purchase and use of the translations, along with the provider’s liabilities and guarantees. As for your–translations.com, I decided to clearly write under which Conditions the translation are sold and tried to make them as realistic and fair as possible.

These Conditions are not perfect, and you are welcome to discuss any part thereof. However, unless a different written agreement is signed by both parties, the following conditions apply to the translation services provided by Your-Translations. Should you find any part of these Conditions unclear, please contact me.

If you choose to refuse those Conditions and we can not reach an agreement meeting your demands, you are free not to order. If you do order, those Conditions will apply by default.

  1. Definitions:

    a) The person/company ordering the service (translation/localization/proofreading/dub in) is hereafter referred to as “customer” or “client”.

    b) "your-translations.com" - is thereafter referred to as “provider” or “translation provider”.

    c) The translation performed is thereafter referred to as “translation”, “target document” or “target file”.

    d) The service to be performed is referred to as “project” or as "service".

    e) The document to be translated (or localized, proofread,dubed in) is thereafter referred to as “source document” or “source file”

    f) The date the service must be delivered to the customer is referred to as “delivery date”, or “deadline”.

  2. Delivery Dates:

    a) Delivery dates must be agreed upon between the customer and the provider. If no date is specified, it is assumed that the delivery time is left to the appreciation of the provider.

    b) Unless a specific time of the day is mentionned, the delivery may occur until 8:00 pm in the customer’s time zone.

    c) A delivery date assume that the source document is provided at the time of the agreement, or will be provided at a specific time known to the provider at the time of the agreement. Any delay in providing the source document releases the provider’s responsibility in regards to the previously agreed delivery date. Should the document be provided late, the customer is responsible to contact the provider and agree on a new delivery date.

    d) When the delivery date is based on a specific source document size (in words or characters) and that the actual source document is found to be significantly larger then represented by the customer, the provider’s responsibility toward the delivery date is considered void and a new delivery date must be established.

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