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Setting up Wordfast

System Requirements

You need to have a copy of MS Word installed on your computer, and VBA must be enabled. Other then that, you will be able to run Wordfast on Windows or Mac OS.

Getting Started

First you need to get your own copy of Wordfast. If you have not done so, please download it now from www.wordfast.com. Certainly one of the most amazing things about Wordfast is that it uses about only 1 MB of disk space. But don't get it wrong, this one megabyte is so packed with functions your eyes will blink. The download operates in Demo mode until you enter a valid registration #. (The only restriction in demo mode is the size of the TM.)

I suggest you create a folder to keep different versions of Wordfast, as Wordfast is very regularly updated.


There are 2 files to dowload (in separate zip files):

  • wordfast.doc
  • wordfast.dot

  wordfast.doc is the manual. It is all inclusive and takes precedence over these web pages, should there be any conflicting instructions. (Please let me know if this occurs)

wordfast.dot is a MS Word template containing Wordfast proper.

[Continued below]


To install Wordfast, there are two methods at this time:

The easier one consists of opening wordfast.doc in Word. Activate macros when prompted to do so, go to the installation section and click on the link "Install Wordfast".

Word's startup path

The other method consists of locating Word's start up folder on your computer using "Tools/Options", clicking on "Default File Paths" (I use Word in French version, so the names might sometimes be slightly different on your computer). Note the path down, go to "Tools / Macros / security" and select "medium" or "low" as security level. Close Word.

Then, using Windows Explorer copy wordfast.dot inside Word Start up folder.

Wordfast installed

When you re-open Word, you will find a new toolbar was added in Word. You installed Wordfast. Done



Please move on to the next page to open Wordfast, and go over the basic settings.

If at any time you feel information is missing to perform a task, please let me know and look in the manual to see if you can find it. Get on Wordfast discussion list, at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wordfast. Do not ask me questions on using Wordfast directly. Post them on the list.

There are quite a few Wordfast literate people there, including Wordfast's creator and programmer, Yves Champollion. Remember, I'm just another happy user trying to present one of his most useful tools, to help new users get along with it.