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What is Pandora's box?

Pandora's box - PB - is a set of options allowing you to configure Wordfast's behaviour and enable a great number of additional functions.

To start using PB, you need to check "Enable Pandora's Box".

Then click on the Button "commands". Wordfast will paste all available options into the box.

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For a command (option) to be active, it need to be written without any space or any symbol between the words. In the screenshot, you can see that some commands contain an underscore "_" and some don't. Commands with an underscore are NOT active. For instance, the command "Discreete_BetterMatch" is not active. "AllowUndo" is.

Warning: If the command contains a space, or any other characters beside the command itself, it will not be active. "Allow Undo" would not be active

When clicking on the "Commands" button, the commands contain an underscore by default. Simply remove the underscore in the commands you wish to activate.

You can compare that with the usual checkbox options, except that instead of clicking to toggle the option, you simply remove/add an underscore inside the command.

Checkboxes and other graphical elements of an user interface do require additional memory, considerably slowing down Wordfast's speed, which is why the developer created PB as a way to offer a great number of options while maintaining top performances.

Full description of each command can be found in the manual.

I recommend you to do some experiments until you feel at ease with the various settings. Different projects will call for different commands, so learn it well and don't hesitate to ask questions on the list if you do not understand what some of these functions do.